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Analytics Overview Requests

By selecting the Request button in the Overview Area, charts are displayed showing Requests (Hits) for the current month, including Total Requests, Request Rate, Total Requests by Data Center, and Top Sites. Data is collected and aggregated in 5 minute samples and request per second is computed.

(Requests) Hits don’t translate directly to unique end users because one end user may generate many hits or requests. To further filter the hits by unique end user/IP address, raw logs can be enabled and parsed. See information on Raw Access logs for a full list of field definitions and log examples. Analytics Overview Requests


A Requests bar chart is shown for current month, providing details on the Total number of requests for the current month, Average Requests per Second, Min Requests per Second, and Max Requests per Second. Data is shown for the prior 11 months to use as comparison. Hovering over the bar chart details the Max, Min, and the Average requests per second. A dot on each bar indicates the Average Requests per second for that month. Analytics Overview Requests

Requests Rate (RPS)

The Requests Rate chart displays the Min and Max requests per second for each day in the current month. Hovering over the graph displays the Min and Max data points, aggregating the data in 1 hour intervals. Analytics Overview Requests

Total Requests by Data Center

The Total Requests by Data Center chart is a Donut Pie Chart displaying worldwide requests, broken down by CDN region (inner pie circle) and POP (outer pie circle) for the current month. The percentage of requests and total number of requests is provided when hovering over each Pie area. Analytics Overview Requests

Top Sites

The top request Sites for the account are listed, together with Total Requests, Average, Min, and Max RPS rate. The top Sites shown in this area include only the direct Sites for that account and do not include Subaccount Sites. Analytics Overview Requests