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Analytics Introduction

As the CDN is being used, analytics data is captured constantly in real time. This information is available for you to view in the analytics dashboards under the "Analytics" view. Analytics data is available as an overview of the account (Analytics -> Overview), and in more Detail with the Analytics – Traffic Analyzer and Analytics – Reports.

The Analytics > Overview

The Analytics - Overview area provides a quick method to view details of your account, showing aggregated monthly information for your Bandwidth, Requests, End User Transfer Rate, Cache Miss Ratio, and Completion Ratio

Analytics - Overview

The Analytics > Traffic Analyzer

The Analytics - Traffic Analyzer area provides more in depth and customized analysis, giving you the flexibility to create the specific graphs and charts you need to analyze your traffic over any given timeframe to provide greater insight. For the Traffic Analyzer, filters are available to customize your view to only include certain charts, customized timeframes, and specific regions.

Analytics - Traffic Analyzer

The Analytics > Reports

The Analytics - Reports area is an excellent tool for quickly providing a year review of bandwidth, requests, and cache storage information across various metrics. The Reports area charts are displayed in a style to allow for quick Site and subaccount comparison helping you understand and uncover trends in your traffic month over month.

Analytics - Reports