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Analytics Reports

Reports by Account and Reports by Site

The Reports area is an excellent tool for quickly providing review of bandwidth, requests, and cache storage information across various metrics. The Reports area charts are displayed in a style to allow for quick Site and subaccount comparison helping you understand and uncover trends in your traffic month over month, day over day, and hour over hour.

Note that the sparkline bar height is scaled proportionately within the same Site or subaccount to show upward or downward trends within that Site ( or account), but the size of the bar is not proportionate when comparing between different Sites/accounts.

Reports by Account will show the graphs for your Account and Subaccounts.

Reports by Site will show the graphs for all Sites in the current account.

Selections allow for up to 50 entries to be displayed on one page. Searching is possible to search by account name, account id, Site name, Site id, and account status.

Analytics Report


By clicking on the Column Heading, the data can be sorted ascending or descending.
By clicking on a specific graph bar (for example November when viewing 12M), the Sites (or subaccounts) are sorted in relation to that months data.

By clicking on the specific account or Site name, the Traffic Analyzer will be launched allowing further analysis.


Time period filters may be applied to show the data over the past year (12M), 15 days (15d), and 24 hours.

24 hours will show Spark Line Graphs for each Site ( or subaccount), each bar representing the data per hour.

15 days will show Spark Line Graphs for each Site ( or subaccount), each bar representing the data per day for the past 15 days.

12 Months will show Spark Line Graphs for each Site (or subaccount), each bar representing the data per month for the past 12 months.

Additional filtering can be applied to filter by Delivery Platforms, Regions, and Data Centers.

Analytics Report

Delivery Platforms include the following:

HTTP Caching (CDS)
HTTPS Caching (SDS)

Regions Include:

North America/Europe
South America

Data Centers:

A list of Highwinds CDN Data Centers.


Different metrics can be specified to graph:

Analytics Report
Analytics Report


GB Delivered
Max Rate
Mean Rate
Peak to Mean Ratio


Total Requests
Max Rate
Mean Rate
Average MB/hit
Peak to Mean Ratio

Cache Storage

Edge Storage in GB
Edge File Count
Average MB