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We've completely redesigned our purge user interface with the concept of Purge Workflows. You'll now have four different ways in which you can purge CDN content.

Purge by URL

The original and likely most familiar of our purge types, purge by URL gives you easy access to deleting content from the cache by its exact location on any host in your account. If you want to delete a single file and know its location this is probably the method you're looking for.

We've also included the ability to purge from specific cache keys on the URL in case you need to eliminate a specific sub-version of the file by query string or cache keyed header.

Purge by Path

If your aim is to purge your entire host, or a recursive path within that host, purge by path is the workflow you seek. When you've selected this workflow you'll be prompted to pick a valid host’s friendly name from the dropdown and an optional subdirectory location to act as the root of your recursive purge.

Purge by Tag

One of the two newest purge methods, purge by tag empowers you to clear the cache of content that contains one or more of the submitted list of tags as defined by your origin server. Learn more about purging content by tag.

Purge by Header

Purge by header allows you to purge content with arbitrary cached header characteristics. With this workflow you can purge on ANY header and value pair represented in the cache.

By separating out different use cases into unique workflows we hope to bring clarity and convenience to one of the most frequent procedures our customers engage with. These UI enhancements all represent branches of the same tree- our RESTful Purge API- and, as such, carry all of the associated features such as instant purge, cache invalidation (soft purge) and purge receipts.

Purge Receipts

Purge receipts are very important to Highwinds' customers. Some CDNs let users know their purge requested was submitted. Using StrikeTracker purge capabilities, Highwinds' users know that their content has been completely purged system wide.

You can read more about the different purge types and purge receipts in two different blogs:

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