StrikeTracker KnowledgeBase

2016-08-22 User Interface and Configuration Enhancements

The following updates were put in place for CDN users in our Aug. 22, 2016 release.

They are as follows:


User Interface (UI):

  • A type field was added to notifications, and new icons have been introduced in the StrikeTracker User Interface (UI) to differentiate them.
  • Naturally typing a comma separated list now works in StrikeTracker.
  • Error messages will now display at the top of each page.
  • The background on the sidebar was enhanced.


  • Response models have been added to more APIs in the API docs.
  • Descriptions have been improved for identified error codes.


  • The dynamic content is now groupable.
  • urlFilter and urlType are now populated for each type that has pathFilter.


  • usageTime was added to the current analytics API.