StrikeTracker KnowledgeBase

2016-09-07 PoP Filter Added, User Interface Improvements

The following updates were put in place for CDN users in our Sept. 7, 2016 release.

They are are follows:

  • Notifications: A warning notification will now display for certificate expirations.
  • Users: StrikeTracker users are able to update a phone number without setting a password.
  • Users: A new account activity notification is created every time a user is created on an account.
  • Origins: Dynamic origins are sent out in addition to origins tied to a host through an origin connection policy.
  • Barometer: A PoP filter was added to the Barometer endpoint. This helps users get information about a specific PoP.
  • UI: A delete scope button now displays on the policies page.
  • UI: Created and updated dates are now exposed throughout StrikeTracker.
  • API: Updated date is now being set for configuration scopes on configuration push.