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HCS is a cloud of distributed storage nodes designed to support your online storage needs with full replication, guaranteed high availability and asset durability. HCS is an enterprise- grade cloud storage solution, and can be used independently or in conjunction with your other Highwinds infrastructure solutions such as custom colocation and transit, or the Highwinds global CDN. Content owners and distributors can store assets online and choose to deliver them directly from storage or via the CDN... maximizing their options for both price and performance.

OpenSwift API Can be used to extend beyond the examples in this document.
ftp-cloudfs FTP proxy for Swift
CyberDuck FTP Using the CyberDuck FTP client with Swift. Note that the default settings in Cyberduck can cause problems with Swift. Please download the Swath HTTPS option for use with CyberDuck.
Cloudfuse A FUSE application for use with Swift

CyberDuck Configuration Changes

The following settings should be applied to the CyberDuck configuration:

Via the command-line terminal:

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck cf.authentication.context /auth/v1.0

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck openstack.authentication.context /auth/v1.0

Using a text editor to modify the following file:


Windows 8.1


Find the "<settings>" section, add the following entry:

<setting name="cf.authentication.context" value="/auth/v1.0" />

<setting name="openstack.authentication.context" value="/auth/v1.0" />

Note for non-admin container level access: There is an issue with Cyberduck’s current configuration where users that have credentials to specific containers cannot connect with HCS containers using the latest version of Cyberduck: This can be resolved by by downloading CD version 4.6.1

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