StrikeTracker KnowledgeBase

StrikeTracker Performance and User Interface Improvements

Updates made to both the backend and user interface of StrikeTracker spell dramatic performance improvements for the application:

  • StrikeTracker has been optimized for dramatic improvement to the application’s load time when dealing with many subaccounts.
  • Configuration Scopes on the Hosts page are now sorted alphabetically by friendly name, and then by path.
  • “IP” has been added as a searchable field for users that possess Dedicated VIPs.
  • Pressing the "Enter/Return" key on your keyboard when on the Speed Test page now submits a Speed Test.
  • Workflow for certain tasks featured in the task checklist on the new Overview page were modified to improve user experience and to increase user productivity.
  • The tooltip on the Status Code Report page now displays the correct date.
  • Fixes were applied to the new Overview page to optimize resolution for small resolution phone screens.