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New CDN Functionality in StrikeTracker 3.6 Update

StrikeTracker 3.6 brings a series of subtle feature updates to the CDN functionality of the app—we'll walk you through them all here.

Add an Empty Site

To speed up the process of creating sites for power users, or customers who know they don’t need the functionality provided by the Site Creation Wizard, we now have an Add Empty Site option. 

By creating an empty Site, you’ll be able to create the bare minimum necessary Site in a single step and be dropped straight into edit mode for that Site. From here you can rename the site and add any necessary policies.

Add SSL Certificates in Site Creation Wizard

To ensure that your Site is secured and ready to deliver content by the time we prompt you with the CNAME target, we’ve given you the ability to associate certificate files with your site before you even finish the wizard.

Enable Option For All Policies

To make StrikeTracker even more aesthetically and functionally appealing, we’ve added the Enable flag to every policy in place of the secondary “On/Off” switch that existed in StrikeTracker 3.5.

In the root scope, Enable acts exactly as the “On/Off” switch did before, creating an instance of the policy in the scope for you to define. In scopes underneath root is where this becomes really powerful, though.

If you choose to “override” a policy in any scope underneath root, then UNCHECK Enable, this tells the CDN to TURN THE POLICY OFF in that scope and all children of that scope. This is a “hard disable” and is useful for things like turning off IP whitelisting or content protection in a subdirectory.


For the following policies, Enable is not meaningful because this policy type is either not visible to customers or it is absolutely required for GFS to function so there is no “enabled” key for this policy type. In these instances, Enable is a UI-only feature that allows you to create an instance of the policy in the current scope.

From this point of view, on scopes other than root, the Enabled option performs the same function as the override option in the UI. If you choose to “override” a policy, but do not check Enabled, then the next time you come to it you will see it is not overridden.

Search Added to Edit Site Advanced Mode

We’ve added search functionality to the Advanced Site Edit page. Located on the left of the category tabs, this function will allow you to search by friendly name, description, API type name, or metadata to find the policy that you’re looking for.

When you select the desired policy from the search dropdown, you’ll be taken to the category it’s in, and automatically focused on the appropriate section.