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In order for the CDN to be able to serve content to end users, it must have access to a source repository where the authoritative copy of that content resides. These sources are called "origin" servers. Origin...

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Origin Selection

Origin Selection allows you to define your Origin and how the CDN interacts with it. Compressed Origin Pull Compressed Origin Pull allows you to enable the CDN to request and accept Gzipped content from t...

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Origin Load Reduction

Origin Shield allows you to reduce the bandwidth or number of connections from the Origin. Download and Store Files in Segments This policy allows you to enable the CDN to download and store files in smal...

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Custom Client Identification

Custom Client Identification allows you to override certain headers sent to the Origin from the CDN. Custom X-Forwarded-For Header The Custom X-Forward-For Header allows you to override the name of the X-...

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How We Detect Your Origin Server

As part of the Site creation process in StrikeTracker 3.5, we've adopted one of the great ideas developed at StackPath and expanded on it -- we automate Origin location and protocol discovery for those who may ...

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