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Getting Started with StrikeTracker 3.5

With StrikeTracker’s latest update, navigating your Highwinds CDN account is easier than ever. Here's a brief overview of StrikeTracker’s most important improvements. .lemonwhale-embed-container { position: re...

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Adding Exceptions to Policies

By adding Exceptions, you can easily target specific files on a given Scope that require unique treatment by a particular configuration policy. Exceptions allow you to do this without creating additional Scopes...

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Policy Translation Sheet

StrikeTracker 3.5 introduced some significant changes to the categorization and naming of many existing policies. For that reason, many users might find it useful to know which policies were effected and how. ...

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New CDN Functionality in StrikeTracker 3.6 Update

StrikeTracker 3.6 brings a series of subtle feature updates to the CDN functionality of the app—we'll walk you through them all here. Add an Empty Site To speed up the process of creating sites for power use...

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