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Release Notes

2017-03-01 StrikeTracker Release - UI improvements, subaccounts

We’ve upgraded the way that usage reports are downloaded for Subaccounts to make it easier and more intuitive: 1) Users can no longer switch between Subaccounts from within the Usage Reports page. To view Us...

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2017-02-15 StrikeTracker Updates

Reports improved Status Code Report tables with more specific information Reports the correct units of measurement are now reflected on the CSV export for charts Accounts added a warning before deleting acc...

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2017-01-23 Updated UI and Search

· UI Updated navigation to a more modern, consistent style and added a new overview section. To learn more check out the in-depth article · Search now returns more results, including improved re...

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2017-01-23 StrikeTracker Improvements In-Depth

StrikeTracker has been completely refreshed with an updated aesthetic, reorganization of the navigation panel, and improved visibility into account administrative functions. All of this has been done with a cen...

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2016-12-13 Improved Date Picker, Password Reset Security

Updates were put in place for CDN users in our December 13, 2017 release. They are as follows: UI: Improved the date picker on the traffic analyzer page Users: the IP that triggered a password reset is ...

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2016-11-14 Optimizations and Configuration Safeguards

Updates were made in our Nov. 14, 2016 release. They are as follows: Optimizations Several account level processes were streamlined Users are now deleted when an account is deleted Configuration Creat...

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2016-09-07 PoP Filter Added, User Interface Improvements

The following updates were put in place for CDN users in our Sept. 7, 2016 release. They are are follows: Notifications: A warning notification will now display for certificate expirations. Users: Strik...

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2016-08-22 User Interface and Configuration Enhancements

The following updates were put in place for CDN users in our Aug. 22, 2016 release. They are as follows: User Interface (UI): A type field was added to notifications, and new icons have been introduced i...

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2016-07-11 User Enhancements and Optimizations

The following updates were put in place for CDN users in our July 11, 2016 release. They are as follows: SSL: A new warning was added that alerts users before attempting to delete a default certificate. ...

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2016-06-11 User Interface and HCS Improvements

The following updates were put in place for CDN users in our June 11, 2016 release. They are as follows: Users: Users are now prompted to populate their user details on first login. User Interface...

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