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Speed Test (formerly Barometer)

Speed Test in StrikeTracker was formerly called "Barometer." This article is currently being updated.

Barometer is a tool that allows you to test network connectivity between the CDN and your origin. Enter a URL for us to test, and we'll request that URL from each data center on our network, and report statistics such as ping time, response time, and status code.

Using it is very simple: just enter the fully-qualified domain name or IP address of the origin you want to test.

The completion bar will animate while we perform a number of tests and collect data from across our network.

Once those operations are finished you'll get a map and a response screen stack-ranked to display the most performant PoPs for that particular origin vs. those which took longer total time to answer.


Looking at each individual PoP you'll see:

  • Data Center location
  • Response time breakdown
  • Total response time
  • http status code in the response

The response time breakdown is further comprised of:

  • Time to
  • DNS resolution
  • Connection
  • SSL negotiation complete
  • First byte
  • Content download

You can view the values for these segments in the tooltip of the stacked bar by hovering over it.

You can also drill in to a particular PoP connection, using the downward expansion arrow next to it.

This will then reveal all of the detailed metrics for that PoP.

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