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We back our products and services with reliable support provided by our team of experienced hardware and software support specialists. We are standing by to assist you with any technical issues you experience while using the Highwinds CDN.

Our RollingThunder network is continuously monitored by the support team in our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers (NOCs) located in Winter Park, FL and Phoenix, AZ. The team is made up completely of Highwinds employees (we never outsource support operations) who have many years of experience running large IP backbones. In the NOCs, the intelligent systems monitor bandwidth, packets, errors and other statistics; alerts are provided based on thresholds, rate changes, trends, and other metrics. Proactive maintenance is routinely performed to prevent failures.

For 24x7x365 Support ...

Call our support team: 1-800-570-2253 (USA Toll Free) or +1 469-929-2795 (International)

Send an email to:

To expedite resolution of your issue, please include the following information:

  • Your account ID so we can isolate the settings for your account and verify your access.
  • The URLs of the files you are working with so Support can utilize them in testing.
  • The public IP of the device that is having issues so we can find the access attempts in our logs.
  • Any steps or specific software that is involved in your request so we can reproduce an issue if needed. If there are logs from the software please attach them.
  • Any other relevant information...we can never have too much.

Highwinds Support

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