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Find your way around StrikeTracker

StrikeTracker is the web-based application that allows users of any level of experience to leverage the power of Highwinds CDN with ease. It’s designed with a central desire to help you get more work done with less wasted effort.

Accounts, Search, Profile/User, Notifications, Help

The header section includes features and options specific to the account you’re working in and your user profile, as well as a comprehensive account search feature, account specific and CDN-wide notifications, and important network status and support links.


Wherever you are in the StrikeTracker app, you can access any of these features.

  • Accounts can be managed by clicking on the name of the account you’re currently working in. That account name is listed first in the header section, and clicking it will allow you to view account details, edit the account, manage Subaccounts, and manage the account’s users.

  • Search is available by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Search allows you to find results for Accounts, Certificates, HCS Tenants, Hostnames, Hosts, Origins, Users, and VIPs. You can limit your results to any of these items.

  • Your Profile can be managed by clicking the profile/user icon. You can edit your profile and log out from this dropdown menu.

  • Notifications will be displayed by clicking the notification icon. Notifications are account specific and CDN-wide.

  • Help options are available by clicking the help icon. From here you can check the CDN's network status, visit the Support Portal, and view the API Documentation.

Navigation within the App and Between Platforms

The workflow of the navigation panel is intuitive, and everything there has been ordered for ease of use.

  • The ☰ hamburger icon allows you to collapse the navigation panel.

  • The platform navigation dropdown allows you to seamlessly jump between your Highwinds CDN, HCS and EveryStream accounts.

  • The General category at the top includes the newly added Overview page.

  • The Configuration category groups all configurable object concepts listed in order of importance: Hosts, Origins, and Certificates.

  • The Analytics category groups all features dealing with metrics, account data, and billing and usage data: Dashboard, Traffic Analyzer, and Reports. Dashboard was previously called Analytics Overview.

  • The Tools category groups a variety of useful features and functions of the Highwinds CDN: Purge, Explorer, Speed Test, and API Documentation. This section now includes the Explorer and the Speed Test features.  Speed Test was previously Barometer.



Overview Page


The Overview page can be thought of as your account nucleus.

It’s designed to introduce users with important information relevant to their account at any given time, and to be a starting point for working with several of the most commonly used features available within StrikeTracker.

Deep Linking

Deep Linking allows users of the same account to share specific pages between one another. Links can only be viewed by authenticated users that have the proper permission rights to view them.


In the above example, any user of the account with the account hash "a1b2c3d4" would be able to access the overview page of that account with that link as long as the proper permissions were granted on their profile.

Please note, the account hash is visible in any URL you share. Be careful who these links are shared with as you’ll be sharing an important piece of account specific data.


You can call us or if you prefer, you can e-mail us and create a support ticket.

We encourage you to visit our knowledgebase of important information, FAQs and how-to guides that will help you use our CDN and associated products to the fullest extent.

We also welcome your feedback, suggestions and tips on how we can make the support portal better. We appreciate your business and thank you for your interest in Highwinds.