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How We Detect Your Origin Server

As part of the Site creation process in StrikeTracker 3.5, we've adopted one of the great ideas developed at StackPath and expanded on it -- we automate Origin location and protocol discovery for those who may not be familiar with the concept of the origin server for CDN.

While this won't always be the Origin you want to configure, we've found that this covers the single-CDN use case for roughly 80% of StackPath customers.

How We Automatically Detect Your Origin Server

  1.     StrikeTracker assumes that the delivery domain is currently the server hosting your content.
  2.     It then uses DNS (Domain Name Server) to determine the path to that server.
  3.     Next, it attempts to connect to your origin via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on port 443.
  4.     If the connection is successful, it suggests HTTPS as your protocol. Otherwise, it suggests HTTP.
  5.     Lastly, it suggests the domain of the DNS Address record (or "A" record) for your Origin.

If we can't determine the location of your domain via this process, don't worry. We'll just prompt you to fill it in manually.

Likewise, if the suggestion doesn't reflect the Origin you'd like to configure, you can simply change it. It's just a little bit of magic that should make the process simpler for a large number of users.